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270, 6th street, san francisco, on wednesday, october 17th, 2012. at 6:00 p.m. comments to the public and southern station, acting captain steven bomo concerning the southern district. >> i was waiting for the clock to come on so it is still off. so i will speak. i am not going to take two minutes any way. briefly, commissioners, good evening. i just want to make reference to the so-called electronic control weapons that i believe are the tasers. and while we are not calling them tasers, that the public is familiar with. and two, that you are going to have these actual community meetings and schedule will there be posted on buses or newspapers with the media or the people to actually see or will they be listed on the site because part of the problem is the public at large is that when they tis the certain
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events they put it on buses and put out 1400 posters and get a community to show up. in the past i have seen various police commission meetings where not that many people showed up because they did not know what was going on and i think that if you are going to put these out, properly, to either post them on the buses or in the newspapers, and two, the properly call them what the public knows them to be which are tasers instead of ecws. ei think that would be more appropriate in my opinion. too is that my biggest problem with all of these weapons is that i don't believe that the sfpd can afford any weapons problem. i don't have any problems actually with the taser outside of the fact that it is a new expensive weapon. i have sent four letters to the previous sheriff to get a cost report going back over a number of years for the sheriff's department that has tasers, and mr. henase was leaving the office and never came back and he never responded to the letters. i have given 6 pieces in
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support of mr. ross murry coming back and i have sent 17 letters to the board of supervisors, i believe that this time around we will get a cost analysis from the chief as in terms of what they will cost including training, ammunition, over a period of time, per officer. and i think that this should be also introduced at any meeting that you do have on this subject. and i will do what i can to get those to you as fast as possible. i don't know if we are going to have it by the date of october 22nd, though. >> thank you for your time in that matter. >> any further public comment? >> come on forward. >> i have complete faith in your budget, you guys know exactly what you need. vy been affiliated with special weapons for over 35 years. so, i wish you the best on your budget and whatever you decide to have with your police force
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is already with me. i just want to state something to the president right now. i'm the one that gave you that private information and i want to take that very seriously sir, and thank you. >> and have a good day. and be safe. >> thank you. >> any further public comment? >> hearing none, the public comment is now closed please call line item number three. >> line item number three. public comment on that? >> the public comment on that is pertaining to item, excuse me. >> public comment on matters pertaining to item five below, closed session and including public comment on vote whether to hold item 5 in closed session. >> public comment regarding our closed session matters dealing with disciplinary matters? >> hearing none. public comment is closed.
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>> line item four, vote to hold number five in closed session, action. >> do i have a motion? >> i move. >> all in favor in >> aye. >> ladies and gentlemen, we >> do i have a motion to disclose or not to disclose. >> not to disclose. >> alicia winterstein. aye.
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>> hello, thank you, everybody. if you can hear me. my name is lewis newman. i'm the executive director of the san francisco fleet week association. and make no mistake about it, the city and county of san
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francisco are supporter of the united states military. san francisco fleetwood association is a nonprofit all volunteer organization that was formed to help organize and execute fleet week. and fleet week in 2012 like 2011 and 2010 has adopted a mission to promote the humanitarian assistance and disaster response missions of the united states military. we also, of course, will have the blue angels and the air show that comes with that. the ships will be coming in and the wonderful liberty call that the wonderful men and women in the armed forces will have in san francisco. the fleet week association also, as i say, has a humanitarian and response. along with the civilian disaster response community, we'll have

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